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Unrivalled options for business travel

Fast, luxurious travel puts the whole country within reach.

Apollo Air Services, a UK leader in executive helicopter charter, is offering a number of efficient and cost-effective air travel options for business executives as the country emerges from Covid restrictions and face-to-face meetings resume.

With the UK’s largest fleet of luxury AugustaWestland 109 GrandNew flagship helicopters, Apollo offers the ideal mix of safety, speed and endurance to put the whole country within easy reach.

And with road and rail services expected to face unprecedented demand due to an increase in staycations this summer, our unrivalled fleet of premium aircraft is the best way to guarantee that you arrive on time and in style.

The A109 has a cruise speed of 170mph and can collect passengers from businesses or private residences and take them to their destination in unparalleled luxury.

All aircraft are crewed by two fully qualified pilots and have ground-breaking air purification systems installed as part of a string of hygiene measures to ensure a Covid-safe environment.

Director and chief pilot Steve Graham said Apollo Air Services’ guiding principles are safety, luxury and speed.

“It really makes sense for business-people and executives to charter a helicopter for business travel. Our fleet offers the perfect combination of convenience and peace of mind – a fast, reliable, safe way to get to those important meetings without having worries over train times, roadworks or traffic jams,” he said.

Each helicopter has room for six passengers and the ability to continue to work while onboard makes them the sensible choice for busy executives and their teams.

Steve added: “Apollo operates the largest and youngest fleet of AgustaWestland 109 GrandNew helicopters in the UK.

“We can take off and land at thousands of locations across the UK and will organise additional transfers for anyone who needs them.”

To find out more about Apollo Air Services’ business charters, go to and get a quote.

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