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The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) is a UK law that came into force in 2015.


The Act requires commercial organisations with an annual turnover of more than £36 million to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year.


As a provider of executive transport services, regardless of size, Apollo Air Services is fully supportive of the Act and sets out the steps taken to combat slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain.

Our Business

Apollo Air Services manages and operates the largest and youngest fleet of AgustaWestland 109 GrandNew helicopters in the UK.

Recruitment Practices

We ensure that we comply with employment legislation regarding the employment of children and localised minimum wage legislation.


All employment is voluntary, not forced or compulsory, and we do not employ people who do not have the right to work within the UK.


We recognise that the right of each employee to freedom of association, including the right to join trade unions.

In addition, Apollo Air Services is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment whilst maintaining workplaces that are free from discrimination or harassment based on race, colour, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and pregnancy, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

Due Diligence

As part of our commitment we will take additional steps: 

  • Audit appropriate business partner’s websites to ascertain if modern slavery and human trafficking statements have been posted.

  • Communicate with our business partners to ensure they have adhered to the Modern Slavery Act.

Apollo Air Services is not considered to be operating in high-risk sectors or locations and ensures compliance with all legislation. Any matter that gives cause for concern in relation to known or suspected instances of slavery or human trafficking will be thoroughly investigated by the Directors.

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