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Due to the location of Carlisle, a lot of the flying Apollo carries out involves long transits, they are either going south to London or the South West or north to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and the West Coast of Scotland.


This can lead to some challenging flying especially in the winter when the weather can be difficult. We have found that the AW 109SP is a fantastic helicopter for doing what we do. It’s safe, fast, comfortable and it is a very capable helicopter.  It’s fully PBN capable and approved for RNP approaches so it is future-proofed. 

In 2018, Apollo achieved a milestone event in the company’s development. We have been approved to operate the AW109SP in the multi-crew role which makes us the first AW 109 operator in the UK to achieve this approval.  


This will allow us to maintain the high safety standards that our clients expect when they ask for two pilots and also makes us available to operators such as NetJets who insist on their clients flying in aircraft operated in the multi-crew role. 

Apollo has an Electronic Flight Back approval, which is another step to enhance safety and manage the cockpit more effectively.


All of Apollo’s pilots are multi-crew approved and new recruits undergo multi-crew training as soon as they meet the requirement to ensure they can support the standard of operation that Apollo aims to deliver. 

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